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Drive Thru Difference

WAY-FM is partnering with YOU to help make a personal difference in the lives of people in North Florida and South Georgia.

We have a great opportunity to love on people with the "Drive Thru Difference." So many people can be touched by your generous heart...lives will be changed. So, let's give FREELY to people in North Florida and South Georgia who may be dealing with cancer, wrestling with family issues, struggling with their finances...who knows what people are going through! Let's just share the love of Jesus with a simple, fast-food meal.

Here's how it works:

  • PRINT out THIS NOTE explaining why you did what you did in the drive thru.
  • VISIT a local restaurant or coffee place or whatever, with a drive thru.
  • ORDER your food and then when you pull around to the window offer to...
  • PAY for the car behind you.
  • GIVE the person at the window THE NOTE you printed out.
  • THANK God you were given a chance to touch a life.

We hope this little show of kindness and love will impact people and point them to Jesus.

Thank you for being the greatest listeners around!

You can print out your Drive Thru Difference Note HERE

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