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More Music
Posted by Emilee on

I would really like to hear some more Skillet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Danielle on

I would like to hear new music from BT Nemesis. I love his song "Whatever it Takes featuring Mustard Seed.

Posted by Austin on

I would really enjoy hearing some relient k

Posted by Sheryl Phillips on

Help Me Find It and Whatever It Takes makes me feel there is so much more God wants from me and I need to find what it is and am willing to do whatever He wants of me!!!

Restore by Chris August
Posted by Lisa Sanders on

I really LOVE this song. It speaks right to the situation I'm going through now. It's really encouraging. Please play this again soon. I listen to WayFM All day. At work, in the car, as soon as I get home. Thank you for all you do!!! You guys ROCK!!!

Posted by Prince on

Please play more of Jeremy Camp" Walk by Faith" I really love this song. Also I believe other people would be blessed by this song.

WAY-FM Music Ministry
Posted by Sandy Scheer on

I stumbled onto Way-FM by accident, and I have been with it ever since - in my car, at work, and at home. When I was struggling with a huge, heavy burden of guilt, I was unable to forgive myself, EVERY time I was in my car Forgiveness by Matthew West and Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave came on. EVERY TIME. God was communicating with me through this music, and it worked. I experienced a profound change, and at my church I accepted God's forgiveness. I am free and now I live with the spirit inside, as Mercyme sings in I Am.. Awesome!

Casting Crowns
Posted by Chris Rohe on

This is my Favorite Christian band, And I would love to hear more, Play some "East and West"!

New song!
Posted by Nicole on

Please play "Restless" by Audrey Assad! It's such an incredible song with a great message!

Music you need to play!!!
Posted by Emma Hill on

Hi i'm Emma.I was thinking about the top ten music.I thing that you'll like these songs.Britt Nicole amazing life,Jamie Grace hold me and some others thank you for reading this.P.S I'm only 11.

play this song more
Posted by sheryl on

lift my life up by unspoken should make the top 10 :) if it doesn't i still would like to hear it more thanks God bless

Posted by Robin on

Hi, I am a 13 year old girl and I like your radio station! I like your music too! I have a few suggestions on some Christian artists' songs to play There is a Christian band called Royal Tailor and they have some wonderful music. They have a new album that came out on Tuesday too! Anyways, they have a few songs that I would LOVE to hear on Way FM! here are the songs: "Hold Me Together" "Remain" "Making Me New" "Love Song" Those songs are all by Royal Tailor. There is another Christian artist named Beckah Shae and she has some pretty good music as well. her best song is "Hope." it would be EPIC to hear that on Way FM! One more Christian Band is Anthem Lights. Their best songs are: "Stranger" and "Fight Forever" All of the songs i recommended has really great Christian messages and it'd be really cool to hear them on Way FM

I love this station! New songs.
Posted by Kayla Harris on

I listen to y'all every time I get in my car. I appreciate the music and humor in the mornings. I have found a few songs that I would love to hear on this station. 1. Star Breathing Giant by Flying Backwards 2. It's Not Enough by Dustin Kensrue. I feel like others need to hear these songs. They have such a great message.

Play this song alot more!
Posted by michael on

I have been struggling to provide for my family and i often feel worthless and directionless. I heard this song by side walk profits " Help me find it" It helps me not feel like such a failure in that I'm not the only the only one struggle to find their way.

Posted by Delany on

Everything by Lifehouse is one of my favorite songs - I'd love to hear it on the way to school. And you should check out Anthony Evans (Tony Evans son), his songs are great!

A few songs I believe are underplayed
Posted by Quinn on

Newsboys - Live with Abandon Group 1 Crew - He Said Two songs that have really made an impact on my life. I am a natural bodybuilder, I have competed and won. I used to listen to the heavy metal/heavy rock during workouts. To be specific Mudvayne and such. However when I found Christ, or when Christ found me....I started listening to certain Christian songs while working out. These two being among those songs, along with others of course. I just didn't put these two on repeat! haha. Anyway these two songs are the only two songs I use for my really heavy sets (or as we call them "working sets") Mudvayne doesn't hold a candle to how these two songs motivate me. Maybe its because I pray during the workout. Now I listen to WAY.FM all the time. In the house, car, on wifi at hotspots...everywhere. I can't get enough!!!!

JJ Heller
Posted by Sarah Watters on

I enjoy the fact that you are playing some great songs from a few years ago along with the newer ones! Here are a few songs I LOVE and would love to hear: JJ Heller, Your Hands (or really anything from her) Amy Grant, Don't Try So Hard Aaron Schutz, My Savior My God. HA As I was typing this you started playing the song :) (or anything else from him)

Can you play
Posted by Blake M. Kandzer on

Just thought if you played "Bury the Workmen" by UNSPOKEN, besides having a great bluesy, sound...would be perfect for Holy Week, and the message of Jesus rising again on Easter.

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