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Just wanting to say Thank You
Posted by Susan on

On Christmas Eve, my husband left. He never even said goodbye. He showed up on Facebook in a photo with his new girlfriend about a week or two later. That's how I learned of his "new life." I am a mother of 3, 2 older daughters and a toddler son. I am also currently 8 months pregnant with our 4th. I have spent the last 3 or so months completely devastated, however, trying to hide my devastation and remain strong for my children, when inside, I feel alone and as though a part of me has died. Sadly, they say that it takes something traumatic in a person's life to really open up to God. I was raised in a church and as with some, my high school and college ways got the best of me, and I lost my way. However, I admit that I am one who didn't seek to find my way again (fully) until this traumatic event in my family's life occurred. I started listening to Way FM each and every morning when I head to work. The music and the radio personnel really took me out of my "funk" each morning and helped me to start the day off on a better note than I had begun. Now, my children and I listen to Way FM in the mornings, on the way home and on the weekends. Not only has your radio station helped me to get through this time and to bring me closer to my faith but it has also done so with my children. I hope that you all realize what amazing work you are doing and how each and every day you all are making such dramatic differences in the lives of those who are out there, who may be lost but are listening, and you are helping them to find their way. I can not thank each and every one of you enough for all you have given to me and have done for me and my children.... and I don't even know you. Thank you so very much.

Thanking you and God
Posted by Vikki on

Praising God today and everyday. When we get on the mountain top again we tend to forget how we got there. Thank you for your prayers for my mortgage getting paid on time, and bills being paid, even though this was a few months ago, I still feel your prayers because I am still making those payment and the creditors are working with me. I pray for your radio station because it is filled with love, and spiritual prayer that people can feel. It is not about playing games with God it is pushing for God and His people. You are a true friend indeed. Love in Christ, and we will keep praying for one another.

Posted by Adam on

I just need another person to hear what I've got to say about things and help me in discovering the truth about this situation. It's kind of lengthy, so I'll prepare it at another time, but thank you for offering your services.

Posted by matthhew on

thank you for playing uplifting music, it helps me relax and focus on what is important to me, my two children , besides my religion, my children are all I have . thank you for helping me keep positive . God bless

Failing Marriage/Hopelessness
Posted by Rhea Campbell on

My husband will be coming to see me and our 2 kids after a little over 4 months of us leaving. He dosent seem to understand that im going to divorce him. My heart hurts because I know the Lord hates divorce but I cant live like this anymore. He took a 3 day trip to New Orleans before for a friends wedding and stayed in a hotel with a young lady. He see nothing wrong with this. On top of that we are broke. He took out a $500 loan to be able to do this even though I was not ok with it. He will be here sometime this afternoon and I feel like im going to break into a million pieces at any second!

Posted by Henni Merritt on

I'am a 49 year old women who walked out on a 31 year old marriage that was over about 15 years ago. My husband is an alcoholic and a drug abuser along of smoking cigarettes. I was a very young girl back when I married him and didn't know what life was even all about then. I grew up as a jewish girl but we really didn't practice it much as a family. I really didn't know about God until a good friend of mine introduced me to him. Well my life didn't consist of church or prayer or even reading the bible. I was having babies, and takining care of a husband that expected to be takin care of but nothing in return except he worked and sometimes he brought his check home and sometimes if I was able to get to his job by 5:pm I got some money or he would be gone to the bars. That's still what his life is at 53 years old where the next party is. Well my kids are grown and they have their own families now so they don't care about nothing else. Well trying to make this story short I had enough taking care of my husband and his health that is going down I pack a suitcase and left. I ended up at my mom and dads house never been in this area before, don't know anybody, scared to leave the house, signed back up for college online so I can take care of myself, but the problem is starting over. I can't stop crying, I;ve been staying in prayer, I've been trying to seek advice and I'm walking around in life thinking my life is over, even though I didn't have much of one with my husband but I can't seem to move forward. I know my life is better without him, I don't have to worry about him getting drunk, cleaning up after him, taking him were he needs to go, and oh he gave his driving rights away 6 years ago when he got 2 DUI" in a two week period. Told the judge that he would quit driving so he could keep drinking. Well his mother thinks he does no wrong, his dad God rest his soul, he's been gone since 1994, and he was an alcoholic. So I'm trying to make it but I don't think I can. I'm tired and weary and exhausted after all these years raising my kids which that was the hardest thing in the world to do especially when their dad was like he was trying to push good morals and family into my boys. But two of my children are mad because I left him and my other son is ok. I listen to wayfm everyday, and I heart radio and it really helps but I don't know how to live anymore without all of what I've been through that's all I know. I live in the Tallahassee area could somebody please help me find a good non denominational church or a full gospel church. And advice with a lot of prayers, cause I don't think I can go on any more. Thank you sorry so long and could of been longer I just had to stop.

Failing marriage/Fear of whats ahead
Posted by Rhea on

Long story short I Left my husband of 5 years almost 5 months ago. He came to visit our 2 kids and I last month and nothing has changed. I cant blame him really because all the signs where their when we got married. He is use to women running after him. Now that I've decided not to beg him to be a Godly man, he dosent seem to care. On top of the pain of a pending divorce, I have come to the realization that I have a drinking problem. My 2 children and I are staying with my parents right now and they are trying to get me into a program. I want the help, so I can be a better mom. But im terrified of not only being away from my kids but thet my (soon to be) ex-husband will find out and use it against me in our custody case. (I've been a high-functioning drunk for about 2 years now.) I don't understand how I got here. And I don't understand why God let me get this far into a marriage if it wasn't ment to be.. Please help

Love always
Posted by Nancy L. Addotta on

I'm so grateful for God's healing hands on me. Im so appreciative of my husband and my childen. I'm forever moved by my boss helping us financially. I'm so thankful for friends for loving me, right where I am at. Love to all. God Bless this radio station, xo

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