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thank you
Posted by Stacey Duggar on

Thanks for the advertising about our 40th Anniversary Celebration! -Trinity United Methodist Preschool

A Pear-Shaped Life
Posted by Lisa on

Marcia, God was speaking directly to me through your comment yesterday about God knowing exactly what he is doing even though my life right now would seem to prove otherwise. That he's not napping or taking a break, He's on the job. It was literally exactly what i need to hear in that very moment. Thank you so much for that. And for being you. I listen to you in the mornings and i love your sweet spirit. Praying for you with gratitude and hope for a blessed future for us both. Thank you for keeping the faith and sharing it with us blessed by you devotion.

prayer please
Posted by tommy on

I found god a year ago and am really relying on him the past 2 weeks. Things are getting tough and i am praying all the time. Please pray for me.

Posted by Larry Welch on

I was listening this morning and heard you guys had free Bibles. I need one but can't find the link on your websight to request one. My address is 105 Joyner Rd Apt B203 Cairo GA 39828. I would really appreciate one. Thank you so much and God Bless you for all you do.

adoption information
Posted by Monica on

I would like information on adoption event mentioned on radio.

Prayer Request
Posted by A Concerned Sibling on

Tonight, my family was devastated beyond comprehension when we learned my sibling tried to take their own life. They couldn't find any ammunition for the weapon intended for use and so the attempt was failed. My family is extremely upset right now and I ask that the station and all who read this pray for my sibling so that they'll realize how God can pull them out of the worst of situations. Please pray for my family so we can all learn how to best handle this situation and effectively (with the help of God) cleanse any suicidal tendencies from my siblings heart/mind. I would deeply appreciate it.

Posted by Aria on

My life has been a real struggle I would really appreciate if i could talk to you guys

Reliable business
Posted by Joe on

I would like to know if you could recommend a place to get an oil change in tallahassee florida that isn't going to rip you off or possibly break something in your vehicle so you need to spend more money with them or someone else to get it fixed? My friend jessica and I are Way fm, homess in tallahassee living in her pickup truck. Also we have recently called to make a monthly pledge to Way FM. We listen to Way FM every day. Thank you for you time and your ministry. You are a true blessing to the both of us and thousands of others. :)

Business partner
Posted by Kristy Cox on

I represent a company that helps people earn an income from home. We are interested in partnering with you. Please send me some information. Thanks, Kristy Cox

Movie Tickets
Posted by Tracie Jefferson on

Please consider me for the movie tickets on 10 April 2014. Thank you.

spiritual healing
Posted by Christopher Evans on

Please pray for my family and I. I presently feel so mentally, physically and spiritually beaten down. I need strength and direction. Thank you so very much! Christopher Evans

Posted by Jay on

I love way fm. I'm just asking why don't y'all play any Nine Lashes? Just asking thanks and God bless.

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